Jessica Compton

Jessica began her real estate career working as Faulkner Realty Group’s closing coordinator during 2015. She learned a great deal about the industry during her tenure in that role; so much so, that she was inspired to go back to school to get her real estate license! In February 2017, Jessica earned her license, and she is very excited to now start helping her clients buy and sell houses. “I’ve always wanted to be involved in real estate,” Jessica said. “There’s nothing else I’ve ever wanted to do more than to help people buy and sell their homes.” She re-joined the Faulkner Realty Group team in April 2017 as a licensed agent, and she has already closed on her first sale!

Jessica grew up in Hilliard and just recently returned to the suburb as a resident in 2016. Prior to that, she lived in Dublin for 10 years. As far back as she can remember, she has always loved real estate and architecture. When she first moved out of her childhood home, she recalls touring tons of apartments in Columbus. “I loved looking at them. I memorized their floor plans, and friends and family would often call me afterwards and ask questions about an apartment complex they were considering.” She works primarily with residential properties, bringing a deep knowledge of the Northwest Columbus areas of Hilliard, Dublin, Powell, and Upper Arlington.

Her enthusiasm for and dedication to her clients’ success is unwavering. “I am 100% committed to my clients’ satisfaction, and I’m able to offer 24/7 availability and access.” She is enthusiastic, extremely patient, diligent, can work with anyone, and is a master multi-tasker. In addition, she has a particular knack for success when working with elderly buyers who are selling their much-loved, life-long home and down-sizing to a smaller abode. “In my previous job, I worked as an in-home care assistant for Alzheimer’s patients, so I’m comfortable working with the senior population. I enjoy working with that demographic and meeting their unique needs, always with respect and patience.”

Jessica understands and utilizes the most contemporary marketing for real estate. She applies several proven techniques, including photo slicks and detailed flyers posted next to the signage outside the home, open houses, and strategic magazine advertisements. Additionally, she offers multiple pre-sale services to her clients, including professional staging, reverse-stage (hauling of excess furniture/junk removal), painting, minor repairs, and contractor recommendations for electricians, landscapers, plumbers, carpenters, and roofers, etc. She also has a keen eye for interior design. Jessica understands the power of social media, and she utilizes several channels to maximize her client’s exposure in the market, with the goal to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

Her most rewarding real estate experience so far was with a client that had been looking for 4+ months with no success. The client was living in Florida and looking for a home in Columbus, with no luck, due to limited inventories in the local market. Jessica was able to help her locate the perfect home for her needs, they made the offer, and got her into contract immediately—and her client was thrilled to find a home that was just right for her, especially in this tight real estate market!

Jessica prides herself on being prompt and patient with her clients. She is also a strong communicator, and brings a deep level of honesty and integrity to her business relationships. “I believe that people are looking for different reasons when they buy a piece of property—they can be looking for a family home, a sanctuary, an investment, or just a place to live. Do they feel that their home is their heart? Or is it simply a piece of real estate? It’s my job to understand my clients’ goals and reasons for purchasing a house, identify what they are looking for, and then find listings that meet those needs.”

Before achieving her dream job as a licensed realtor, Jessica worked in several sales and service-oriented positions. Most recently, she was a national recruiter for roles in the sales industry. She earned her license in Property & Casualty with All-State Insurance in xxxx, and worked for the company for xx years. Prior to that, she worked as a Tuxedo store manager and also as a restaurant manager.

When she’s not helping her clients find the perfect new home or sell their well-loved home, Jessica loves to stay active through swimming and roller blading. She is also an avid wine collector and “foodie” who’s ready and willing to try to new restaurants and recipes! Jessica is also a huge fan of fine art, with a special affinity for abstract paintings. A few of her favorite charitable organizations are the Ronald McDonald House and the American Red Cross.

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