Emily Andrews

Emily has been buying and selling residential homes as both an investor and homeowner since 1988 (both on the east coast and in central Ohio), and she became a licensed real estate agent in October 2014. She’s familiar with multiple neighborhoods in greater Columbus, and enjoys helping her clients in all areas, wherever there is a need and opportunity.

What sets Emily apart from other agents is her 100% commitment to your real estate journey. “Transactions have many steps along the way, and we will take them together throughout the entire process. I want to see you through to success!”

Her business philosophy is centered around meetings, communication and complete follow through for her clients. She’s enthralled by history and renovation, and loves to rescue forgotten houses and bring them back to suit today’s needs. Her most rewarding experiences are when she can help her clients find just the right fit between the client and the home. As she puts it, “when it is a love match!”

The foundation of Emily’s marketing strategy for selling your home is based on professional photos and online presence. “My ultimate goal is to show your house to its best advantage before your buyer even leaves their screen. When they step foot on your property, it is already a second showing.”

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