JP Faulkner

JP has always had a passion for real estate. At the age of 19, he purchased his first home, while attending college at The Ohio State University. He soon realized that owning a home is a big hurdle for some people, and he wanted to help others get over that hurdle themselves. “I wanted to share the joy of homeownership with other people, and also wanted to work in a people-oriented business.” So, in 1992, he became a full-time licensed realtor and later opened his own brokerage (Faulkner Realty Group) in 1997. “In the early part of my career, I worked with first-time buyers who were old enough to be my parents. But they were inspired that I did it at 19, and that helped them to see they could own a home too. It felt good to help them achieve that goal.”

He buys and sells residential,commercial, and investment property, and also helps many real estate investors who want to buy, renovate and re-sell a property. JP has a vast knowledge of the Central Ohio real estate market, and is able to service customers in all neighborhoods. “I’m proud of the fact that I’ve sold houses all over the greater Columbus area—from Marysville to Coshocton, and Mansfield to Orient.” He also owns several rental properties in and around Columbus. “I’m happy to be a good resource for my tenants who have questions and need guidance on how to invest in real estate. I enjoy helping them, so that they don’t have to be pigeonholed as a life-long renter.”

JP attributes his success as a realtor to being highly effective and being of continual service to his clients. “It’s important to remain relevantwith everything happening in the real estate world, so that I can give highly effective advice to people when they need it.” He customizes his marketing techniques to fit the property that he’s representing. Along with robust networking activities with other realtors to keep your listing top-of-mind, he also uses MLS listings, social media channels, and print ads in Columbus Monthly and Capital Style, among other media channels. In fact, Faulkner Realty was the very first brokerage in Ohio to use the “Coming Soon” sign to create anticipation among buyers and agents, a few weeks prior to the homebeing officially listed. “Columbus is a 97% cooperative marketplace, which means 2 agents are included in the sale.Because of that, we focus on marketing to other agents and maintaining good broker relations with those agents/agencies. This is one of the reasons why we get so many showings and so many sales.”

What sets JP apart from other realtors is his multi-faceted approach. “I enjoy serving my clients in many ways during their real estate journey. I’m a friend, a trusted consultant, a general contractor, a high-end decorator, a marketing specialist, and a good negotiator, along with being a expert in the typical things that you expect an agent to know such as paperwork, etc.” In fact, JP has developed a reputation among his realtor peers as being “the cleaner,” a realtor who can sell a home in a tough market, even when the home has been previously listed multiple times, and not sold. “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of the sale.”

Without a doubt, JP knows exactly what it takes to prep a home for sale. With more than two decades of real estate experience, he’s able to provide expert advice and action with a wide variety of pre-sale services. His clients benefit from his exceptional staging skills and his recommendations of high-quality, experienced, local contractors. Additionally, JP serves as general contractor for his clients who want remodeling projects done prior to the sale, managing his team of resources to make sure the home is ready as quickly as possible. JP has also personally renovated several homes, so he’s able to provide his clients with accurate estimates of what specific upgrades will cost.

JP grew up in northern Ohio, and has owned a home in Dublin for 17 years. He’s the proud owner of 2 wonderful dogs, Cosmo (dog d’ bordeaux) and Cole (Great Dane). JP is a huge animal lover and has rescued several adult dogs over the years, mostly Dobermans. Duke, an English Mastiff, was the first dog he had ever raised from a puppy.

When he’s not helping his clients buy and sell homes, JP enjoys renovating properties, and he also loves to snow ski. A few of his favorite charitable organizations include Hand My Down Dobes, The Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Museum of Art, and The Ohio State University. He’s also a member of the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Professionally, JP is a member of the North Area Real Estate Association and Midtown Realtor Association, the Columbus Realtors, the Ohio Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. He has served on the Columbus Realtors Board of Directors, MLS Board of Directors and committee, the Standard Forms Committee, Grievance Committee, and Professional Standards Committee.

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